Addiction Services

OVP HEALTH has extensive, battle-tested experience and expertise in the treatment of people suffering from opioid dependency. Utilizing medication-assisted treatment and counseling, our program’s strengths revolve around the ability of our highly trained staff to specifically design a course of treatment based upon the client’s unique needs, beliefs and personality traits, as well as their past and experience in treatment programs.

Reduce Withdrawal Symptons

In addition to receiving closely monitored treatment with a controlled medication called Buprenorphine, which reduces withdrawal symptoms, clients will be seen for counseling sessions at least once a week during the first month in the program.  This allows our medical providers and counselors to develop the most effective therapeutic plan to help each client.

To get into the program, the individual must come in for an initial screening with the counselor to determine if the program is appropriate for them and if they are motivated by treatment. The individual must be compliant with all rules and expectations outlined in the treatment contract to be able to successfully progress through and complete the program (i.e. maintaining counseling appointments, passing drug tests, etc.).

Often, clients suffering from opioid addiction have other medical conditions requiring attention. At OVP HEALTH, our providers are always on standby to provide that needed care.

Individuals in our program are going to receive a high level of counseling services. Our therapists all have specialized training/supervision in substance abuse counseling.

The therapists are also credentialed and licensed providers with multiple years of experience in the field of mental health and/or substance abuse counseling, and have special training in counseling theory, philosophy and the ability to apply these techniques and interventions with a diverse group of clients.

OVP HEALTH’s medication-assisted treatment and counseling program has once again received three-year accreditations fron the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, for two of its programs related to the care and treatment of people suffering from opioid addiction.

During the survey, CARF surveyors found that “OVP HEALTH demonstrated substantial conformance” to its high standards and a “true commitment to continuous quality improvement.”


The OVP HEALTH Recovery Center in South Point, Ohio will provide 62 inpatient beds for acute detox and inpatient addiction treatment and recovery.


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Suite 201 Huntington, WV 25701

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