Emergency Medicine

The OVP HEALTH Emergency Department (ED) Program is committed to the highest standards of care and excellence in the practice of emergency medicine. Our physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners provide 24/7 staffing for emergency departments at hospitals that choose to benefit from our extensive experience, sound management practices and commitment to quality – especially hospitals in rural areas, where OVP HEALTH has developed a unique track record of success and expertise. 

For example, the Holzer Health System, in Southeast Ohio, contracted with OVP HEALTH in 2016 to provide ED services to its three emergency departments in Gallipolis, Jackson and Pomeroy, and has seen significant improvements in volumes, acuity and patient satisfaction since.  

Emergency Department Staffing

If your hospital is looking for a smart solution to its Emergency Department
staffing and operational challenges, please call OVP HEALTH’s
Vice President of Business Development, Nicholas Alexander, at 304.962.2111,
or send him an email at

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OVP HEALTH continually strives to deliver excellent health care with urgency, integrity and respect to all patients needing emergent or urgent care services.



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