OVP HEALTH is a multi-faceted, family/physician-owned company that provides an extensive range of emergency department and hospitalist services for hospitals; operates primary care and after-hours facilities; and offers accredited, inpatient and outpatient medication-assisted treatment and counseling services for people suffering from opioid addiction in a growing number of communities across West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia and South Carolina.

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In 1999, Robert A. Hess, MD, and Stephen Shy, DO, formed an emergency department staffing company based in Huntington, WV, called Ohio Valley Physicians. Two decades later, Ohio Valley Physicians is now a multi-faceted, family/physician-owned and operated company called OVP HEALTH, employing hundreds of people in communities throughout the Midwest and East Coast regions.

In addition to providing hospitals with high quality emergency and hospitalist services, OVP HEALTH offers communities primary care services and a highly effective and accredited medication-assisted treatment and counseling program for people suffering from opioid addiction. Headquartered in an area widely considered to be the epicenter of the opioid crisis, OVP HEALTH is uniquely experienced and qualified to address the growing public health problem of addiction and the serious medical conditions that often accompany it.

OVP HEALTH’s ability to build partnerships with immediate attention and prompt response is a direct reflection of the company’s commitment to its clients and the local communities in which it operates. Led by CEO Stacey Shy, OVP HEALTH now has operations in more than 30 locations and continues to expand, targeting rural markets and hospitals. “Even though we continue to grow and evolve, OVP HEALTH is still all about family and community,” said Shy. “We are committed to adapting to the specific needs of our communities and building partnerships with existing health systems in those communities to better meet their health care needs.”



OVP HEALTH is proud to be a family-owned company. We hold ourselves to the highest standards — the family values that are passed from generation to generation. However, at OVP HEALTH, we also believe that our coworkers, our patients and our community are family. That means we will always treat you like family, no matter what health struggle you’re facing.


In an ever-changing health care industry, our commitment to consistent, high-quality care has been the same since day one. Our highly trained physicians and nurses are constantly striving to provide the latest, most advanced care and treatment to patients. Our medication-assisted treatment program is fully accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities). In everything we do, our goal is to provide patients and their loved ones with the highest level of care possible.


At OVP HEALTH, we believe in giving back. And our commitment to improving the communities we serve doesn’t stop at providing high-quality medical care. After work and on weekends, OVP HEALTH employees can be found volunteering in the community. And we are proud to support a number of non-profit groups in the areas we serve.


Ethical, responsible health care is a non-negotiable at OVP HEALTH. We treat our coworkers, our patients and our communities with honesty, trust and respect and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. Earning a patient’s trust and loyalty is our greatest reward

Meet the Founders

Robert A. Hess, MD – Founding Member/Co-Owner & Stephen Shy, DO – Co-Founder

When Ohio Valley Physicians began serving patients in 1999, its founders weren’t dreaming of the multi-state, multi-family business they would become. They weren’t envisioning the team of 200-plus employees they would retain or the reputation for family-oriented, patient-centered care they would earn throughout the region. For the two family doctors, both from the Huntington, WV area, whose paths had crossed for decades before they became partners, their vision was simple: to meet the health care needs of the community in a truly patient-centered environment.

In 1999, Dr. Stephen Shy was in private practice and Dr. Robert Hess was the president of Huntington Internal Medicine Group (HIMG). Both had received family medicine training and returned to the Huntington area to work and raise their families. Dr. Shy, who had recently earned an MBA, approached Dr. Hess with an idea for a company that would specialize in primary care services and physician staffing at nearby hospitals. Around that time, a hospital in Ironton, Ohio, was in need of physician staffing. The hospital wanted local management, with individuals who understood the values of local communities. Ohio Valley Physicians was born.

Today, under the leadership of Dr. Shy’s son, Stacey, the founders’ original mission remains firmly in place. And that original company, now OVP HEALTH, continues to grow its regional presence, improve the communities it serves and meet the evolving health care needs of the region.

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